Mutts and Hounds - Candy Cane Wool Toy

Candy Cane Wool Toy

  • NEW! Mutts & Hounds sweet candy cane toy is ideal for play time with your dog, and a perfect first toy for a small puppy or toy breed to enjoy. Your dog will love carrying their small candy cane around with them (they just love natural wool!), and you can enjoy the comedy value of them holding it in their mouth!

    These fun shapes make great soft toys for dogs to play with, without the risk of seams splitting and the dog ingesting synthetic filler.

    The wool toys are made of 100% solid wool, hand felted by Nepali artisans into shape and coloured with natural dyes.

    The felting technique adds durability and strength whilst retaining a soft texture which dogs and puppies love.

    Recommended for small dogs to enjoy fetching, soft chewing and play, but not advised for serial shredders or big teeth!

    100% Wool

    Natural dyes


    Hand crafted in Nepal

    No synthetic filler

    Helps keep teeth clean

    Size: Approx 8" long.