Our Services

- Doggy Daycare 


- Dog Walking


- Dog Boarding (Cage Free)


- Cat and Small Furries home visits


- Grooming Spa 

- Pet Store selling pet accessories,        

  beds, food and more  

Doggy daycare

Our daycare facility is designed specially with your loved ones in mind. We have a heated indoor space with plush leather sofas, comfortable beds and all the chews, toys and bones they could possibly want! There is a garden with which they have constant access to do their business and they even have some of our yummy treats that are on sale during their visit. They can have as many cuddles and strokes as they want, although most pups ignore us to play with their friends all day!

Doggies can be dropped in for an hour or two for a quick play to burn off some energy, or we can look after them for the full day. All pups that are with us for the day will go out on at least one hour-long walk. Please see below for more details of our walks.

Dogs can be dropped in to and collected from our daycare centre. We are also able to offer a collection and drop home service if this is more convenient in our van specifically modified to give your dogs a comfortable and relaxing journey.


Dog walking

Our dog walking service consists of the walker collecting the dog from home and walking them in a nearby park for at least one hour. Depending on the dogs' needs and bond with the walker, they can be walked on or off lead, with permission of the owner. They can also be walked alone or with other dogs. We regularly walk in Battersea Park, Clapham Common and Slade Gardens, which has a fantastic enclosed dog paddock for dogs that are a little bit naughty with their recall!

We are able to walk at any time of day, both weekdays and weekends. Our usual dog walks are an hour long but we can always accommodate different needs.

Dog boarding

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a dog boarding service that makes your dog feel like they are staying in a second home. During the weekdays they will spend their time at our daycare facility, playing with the other dogs and getting lots of attention from all of our employees. Each evening and during the weekends they will stay with their carer in their home, living as their own (very pampered) pet. They will have at least one long walk every day, and will often be taken on mini holidays of their own during the weekends, to the coast or on hilly walks in the countryside.

Our boarding dogs always have a fantastic time and we go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and happy, as we know how much of a stressful experience it could be.

We will send you regular updates, pictures and videos of their adventures.

Home visits

Boarding for cats, rabbits and other small animals can be quiet stressful. Cats in particular are rarely happy to be moved into a cattery during a family holiday.

We therefore carry out home visits to look after your small furries (or scale-ies!) whilst you are away. This way your pets remain in their home environment, going about their day in the same way they usually would.

During our home visits we are able to look after your pets in whichever way you require. We will feed them, change their water, change litter trays if required, brush them, give as many strokes as they demand and play with them. We are also able to administer medication.

Our visits are usually 30 minutes at a time, one or two times each day. This however can be tailored to suit your pets specific needs, be it longer visits, more visits per day, etc.

Please see our Grooming and Products pages for more info about these services.