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The Archie | Agnes Spa is the ultimate retreat for your pampered pet; from dogs, cats, tortoises and rabbits.


Treat your pet to the ultimate pampering and grooming experience

at our luxurious flagship shop and pet spa in Stockwell. Our groomers offer an exclusive selection of bespoke services and indulgent spa treatments to ensure that your precious companion looks and feels their very best.  


Our expertly trained pet-groomers will meet your individual needs

and requirements. So whether you’re treating your pet to a luxurious massage, an indulgent mud bath, an exfoliating or moisturising facial or a custom hair styling Archie | Agnes will give your cherished pet their undivided expert attention.  


While your pet pooch waits for their treatment they are more than welcome to join the daycare doggies for a bit of a play and lots of cuddles. We all love to meet new faces and make new friends.


FULL BODY GROOM 2-4 hours (from £45)
Our full body treatment offers everything your dog needs to look good both at home or out and about. This includes dead-hair removal, a nail trim, a between pads and paw trim, an ear cleanse, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, a custom coat styling by our stylist, and a luxury finishing spritz.


QUICK GROOM 30 minutes (from £20)
Having a regular mini groom will remove dead hair, help to prevent matting and keep your dog's coat in top condition in between each Full Body Groom. This is particularly effective for long-haired or double-coated breeds such as the Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Chow-Chow, and Tibetan Terrier, other breeds that will benefit from regular coat care, such as the

Shih tzu, Labradoodle and Cockerpoo.


WASH & FLUFF DRY 1-2 hours (from £20)
For the busy pet who is always on the go our Wash & Fluff Dry service does the trick. This includes dead-hair removal, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz.

TIDY UP 30-60 minutes (from £30)

This is great for dogs that do not need a full cut but are starting to look a little scruffy! It includes a deep bath, condition and removal of dead hair. The ears are cleaned and nails clipped. Areas such as the face, feet, bum and hygiene areas will be neatened up.

DEMATTING (£15 per 20 minutes)

Matted hair needs to be gently teased free to prevent tearing and damage to the skin. This can be a long process, depending on the severity and length of hair and special tools are used to ease through the matts.

If dematting is not carried out (through choice or to prevent injury to the dog) the hair will need to be shaved at the base of the matts.


All nails will be clipped as short as possible. It is recommended that they are clipped at least every one to two months to prevent the quick (bloodline) from growing too long.


Prices vary depending on such things as the breed, size of the animal and amount of work needed (style of cut, breed specific grooms, number of matts etc).

Dogs and Puppies:

Cats and Kittens:

FULL BODY GROOM 1-3 hours (from £50)
Our full body treatment offers everything your cat needs to look good. This includes dead-hair removal, a waterless bath using waterless Foam Shampoo (a rich waterless, leave-on foam shampoo that will leave their coats shiny and soft), a nail trim, a between pads and paw trim, an ear cleanse, a custom coat styling by a Pet Spa stylist, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz. 


WASH & FLUFF DRY  30 minutes (from £30)
This wet conditioning body bath (including sanitary area cleanse) using our mild, soap-free, hypoallergenic cat shampoo, followed by a gentle blow dry, may be added to the Full Body Groom treatment.

(Please note that cats can only currently be groomed on a Saturday when our doggy daycare is closed)

Small Furries:

Our full body treatment includes everything your pet needs to look and feel fabulous. This includes the gentle brushing out of dead hair, a nail trim, and a between pads and paw trim (if required). The treatment may include (depending on species and breed) a Waterless Foam Shampoo and, for longhaired breeds, a custom coat styling by our stylist.


A relaxing, rehydrating body wash is followed by nail clipping and a moisturising foot treatment to finish.

Prices on application

(Please note that small animals can only currently be groomed on a Saturday when our doggy daycare is closed)

Making a booking

All grooming appointments must be prebooked via:

Tel: 07850565007


Please state the service you require, the species, the breed and any special requirements.